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The National Algerian Centre aim to provide activities and offer services to the Algerian
community in the United Kingdom as well as promote the long unique traditions and diverse
culture of the Algerian language, history, traditions and customs to the wider public.

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  • Organise Algerian national celebration events, community events, educational events and cultural events to the wider public.
  • Offer the wider public a membership which enables them to be aware of opportunities and
    events in Algeria and the United Kingdom, offers them deals with affiliated partners specialising in hospitality and tourism in Algeria.
  • Refer Algerians seeking shelter and Algerians in need of immediate and urgent housing support to organisations who offer this service.
  • Offer a platform for Algerians to network and meet with one another and arranging events that target those that are tackling loneliness or who are new to the United Kingdom.
  • Fundraise for our projects, charitable causes for individuals and groups within the Algerian community and host charity events on their behalf to help them raise funds
  • Teach Derja to Algerians born in the United Kingdom.
  • Teach English to Algerians who emigrate to the United Kingdom.

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Our Community Cafe

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  • Run a community cafe in Queens Park, London to provide food (hot and cold meals) to the deprived, those most in need within our community and host
    the annual ‘The Big Dinner’ feeding the wider public for a month.
  • Utilises their cafe as a central hub for donated food to distribute to those in need; particularly during a crisis. Grenfell tower is an example

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  • Refer Algerians to English language schools, universities and colleges on their chosen courses.
  • Offer immigration consultations free of charge and other legal advice to Algerians within the U.K.
  • Offer Algerian catering services to Algerians and nonAlgerians for their weddings, receptions, networking and corporate events, community events; and special occasions
  • Offer one-to-one and group counselling to vulnerable young people and adults.
  • Offer entertainment for events inc. henna artists, face painters, Algerian singers, photographers etc.
  • Offer corporate training sessions to business men and women to demonstrate Algeria’s way of life, business solutions and conduct.
  • Run courses and workshops which promote education and development such as Java/IT courses, cooking workshops, CV-enhancement, interview skills and much more.
  • Organise packages for coach trips within the United Kingdom, summer camps with homestay accommodation opportunities including single mums groups, the elderly and children’s groups.
  • Offer visa and travel advice to Algerians in Algeria wanting to travel to the United Kingdom for business, family and visit purposes.
  • Offer creative development inc. marketing, logo design, website development, graphics and more.

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