CIC- About us

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The National Algerian Centre is an independent non-political, non-profit community interest organisation.

Our vision inspires us to think that “A better World exists, the one we are living in!” Albert Camus.

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Our mission is: to identify, represent and rejuvenate the community and culture through individual and collective participation and contribution in civil society. Our initiatives support the development of the economic, educational, social, cultural and recreational condition of all communities particularly the Algerian one.

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We should always remember that it is what each and every one of us does individually for his community which makes the world a more wonderful place to live in! The more involved we become as citizens, the more we can change things for both individuals and communities. Opportunities that the NAC can provide will maximise social cohesion.
Our initiatives aim to improve the quality of life of Algerian and non-Algerian citizens in the United Kingdom.

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         Our Initiatives


The NAC support educational and cultural exchange between the UK & Algeria by being the leading organisation to represent Algerian expatriates in the UK. We support events for both residents and expatriates to facilitate cross-cultural education and encourage social cohesion and integration through delivering workshops for example


Exchange of Artists and performers


We facilitate the exchange of artists and performers between the UK-Algeria by supporting a range of events in the UK through the promotion of food and tourism. In the last two years, the NAC has participated in the annual Eid in the Square event hosted by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who has commended the NAC for their hard work and efforts.



Opening doors to students


We open doors to students, professionals and organisations from Algeria to experience life in the UK for professional, cultural and social purposes. We do so by organising accommodation, transport and tours in prominent parts of the UK.

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