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The team are preparing Eid Parcels to gift to the individuals and families who have suffered from the tower block fire in Latimer, including at least 150 people both muslim and non-muslim currently staying in hotels. We have received so many donations already to help those affected and we request your support to still make their Eid special this year. Please donate either items from the list below or donate funds. Any money donated will go towards buying special items for Eid/items the families have requested that they need and delivering the parcels.

Donation List for families effected by #towerblockfire: Tinned/Dry foods with long-life, Clothes, Shoes for children and adults, Nappies. Drop off to Concord Cafe, Carlton Centre NW6 5RA

Your Zakat-Ul-Fitr this year can go towards: Eid Parcels, Big Dinner Project (Ramadan), Eid Celebration (1st July) or future NAC Projects we do throughout the year. Please reference for which project you are donating: e.g. Eid Parcel

A huge thank you goes out to all the organisations and individuals who pulled their weight and brought donations to the National Algerian Centre in support of the Big Dinner, victims of Grenfell Tower and their families; and the Eid Parcels.
Namely Al Manaar Mosque: 968 bottles water, 630kg foods, 66 items clothing/ toiletries / baby items
South Kilburn Trust: 21kg assorted foods, 34 items clothing, 15 items for babies
M&S Salusbury Rd: 32 kg assorted foods
Algerian Wholesaler: 42kg assorted foods and drinks
On top of this were individual donations throughout the entire month of Ramadan from caring hearts in the community.

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